Raw and the Cooked: The Goose is Served, Sir.

Why did Dirk Ziff invest money into professional surfing? Dirk and his brothers, Robert and Daniel form Ziff Brothers Investments (ZBI) which are incidentally the youngest billionaire brothers holding in the USA and Dirk’s current net worth alone is in the ballpark of 4.9 billion (as per Forbes).   Thanks to WikiLeaks, we’re made aware […]

The Outsider, Dane Reynolds, Quiksilver Pro

The Outsider. Surf Writer 1: Law of Diminishing Returns.

“…and another who handles his language like a supple blade and feels from his arm down to his toes the perilous delight of the quivering over-sharp steel that wants to bite, hiss, cut.-” Friedrich Nietzsche. Beyond Good and Evil.   Keen readers will remember this time last year when we flagged the upcoming technological event […]